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Attwood Sahara Mk2 S1200 Bilge Pump-24v

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SKU: 5513-7 Category: UPC: 022697023490


The Attwood Sahara Mk2 S1200 Bilge Pump is the ONLY automatic bilge pump that eliminates air locks. What makes Sahara Mk2 so innovative is the patented X-Air™ Impeller. Its engineered performance forces air bubbles trapped in the hose and underside of the pump out of the pipework, so that the pump will not run dry and burn out. This breakthrough technology makes Sahara Mk2 the most reliable automatic bilge pump in freshwater and saltwater applications.

• MPN: 5513-7
• 1200 GPH
• 24V
• Fuse size: 5A
• Outlet type: 1″ & 1-1/8″ barbs
• Check valve: yes
• Wire length: 29-1/2″
• The easiest, most reliable automatic bilge pump ever designed
• The only automatic bilge pump that eliminates air-locks, Patented X-Air Impeller ejects trapped air in the pump and pipework
• Flexible Outlets: 90° rotatable elbow outlet allows users to install the pump anywhere in a full 360° orientation
• Single-Hand Pump Cartridge Release: Convenient when trying to access a pump located in a hard-to-reach area of the boat’s hull
• Universal Backwards Compatible Design: 7-pump mounting hole pattern for replacing any top bilge pump in its category
• SteadySwitch: Buoyancy control reduces cycling, draining the bilge not the battery
• No Pipe Or Hose Removal Required: Reduces the time that it takes to replace the cartridge
• Improved Motor Cooling/Heat Dissipation: Prevents overheating that may cause failures, such as blown fuse, leaking, etc.
• Includes straight outlet and check valve