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Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crank




A Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crank is what you want to reach for when the water cools off at the end of the day. Created with Precision Trolling expert Mark Romanack, the walleye crankbait hits all the right notes. The action is precise and perfectly tight, which is a critical factor when targeting walleyes and attracting bites. The right amount of wiggle and roll is difficult to emulate, so getting the lip design just right was also a high priority. When this Bill Lewis walleye crankbait bait rolls, the colors give off the right hues that attract attention and help trigger strikes in cold water. The design also operates under the theory that two big hooks are better than three small ones, so the Bill Lewis PWC also features two large Mustad Triple Grip UltraPoint hooks.

Another key feature of the deep-diving minnow lure is its sharp diving action, so you don’t need to send out the bait long distances to get down to target walleye at different depths. Testing indicates that the Precise Walleye Crankbait reaches great depths on short trolling leads. For instance, the Bill Lewis walleye crank on a ten-pound test line and 100 feet out dives to 25 ft. depths and gets down to 33 ft. when the line is let out to 200 feet. Because color can sometimes make all the difference between getting bites or not, the PWC comes in a wide range of fish-catching color choices. No matter what fishing conditions you find out there, you’ll have a pattern for it! Don’t lose out – get your Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Cranks now!

  • Perfectly tight action for a better trolling minnow-crank, especially effective in cold water
  • Fine-tuned and ready to fish
  • Reaches great depths on shorter trolling leads on a 10 lb. test line (Berkley XT 10#):
    • 100 ft. line out / 25 ft. depth
    • 200 ft. line out / 33 ft. depth
  • Two Mustad Triple Grip UltraPoint hooks
  • Designed with walleye trolling expert Mark Romanack
  • Weight: 5/8 oz.
  • Model: BLF-PWC
  • Qty. per Pack: 1