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Shakespeare QuickConnect™ Nylon Mount


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A new and cleaner way to connect your VHF antenna with the Shakespeare QuickConnect™ Nylon Mount. It makes it easy and convenient to install, replace, or stow your antenna.  Shakespeare designed the QuickConnect™ antenna system with cable attached to the mount instead of the antenna itself. The mount has a versatile four-way ratchet action and fast-release handle design for quick and easy laydown. For deck or side mounting of QuickConnect antennas.


• Model: QCM-N

• QuickConnect™: Unscrew or screw antenna to disconnect or connect

• High quality connection: No noise generated due to vibrations

• Splash protection cap: Protect the connector on the mount when antenna is disconnected

• Warranty: Two year limited warranty

• Centerpin® PL-259 Connector: Easy crimp-on type connector

• Standard mount design: Upgrade to a high-end Shakespeare antenna without purchasing a new mount

• Thread: 1″-14

• Cable: 20′ of RG-58

• Bolt holes: 9/32” dia. (7.14mm), 3” x 1/2” (76.2mm x 12.7mm) on center

• Stainless steel mount: For use with QC-4, and QC-4-T antennas

• For use with QuickConnect™ antennas only