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Strike King Gravel Dawg 10


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Designed by Strike King pros Todd Castledine and Kevin VanDam, the Strike King Gravel Dawg 10 Crankbait is your new “go-to” crankbait for any situation that calls for covering water and targeting fish in the mid-range of water column. This medium-diving crankbait boasts a compact profile and delivers an impressive wide wobble action, effortlessly navigating through rocky terrain, wood, and grass better than any lure in its class. With its specialized bill shape, the Gravel Dawg 10 is engineered to expertly deflect off cover, reduce hang-ups, and keep you in the strike zone longer.

Featuring premium fish-catching paint jobs in a wide range of colors, the Gravel Dawg ensures you have the perfect lure for any fishing scenario throughout the seasons. Additionally, the black nickel hooks provide the strength needed for secure hookups and keeping fish pinned throughout the fight. Prepare to conquer your favorite bodies of water with the Strike King Gravel Dawg 10 Crankbaits – the ultimate tool for covering ground and making big fish react.

Strike KingLengthWeightDepthClass
Gravel Dawg 102.5″1/2oz7-10ftFloating