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YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley w/Pulleys


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Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys

The Deluxe Anchor Trolley will help users stop being victims of changing winds and currents while fishing in an anchored position. The YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit allows the deployment of any anchor, drift chute, or stake-out pole before judging the current and wind while still remaining in a favorable fishing position. Without a trolley, users are limited to anchoring where it is reachable, causing the boat to swing back and forth. Mounted just off of the gunwale of any kayak or canoe, the deluxe trolley kit uses a nylon pulley system to select a desirable position anywhere from bow to stern, then maintains the positioning through the use of a 2-5/16-inch mini zig-zag cleat.

The deluxe system uses Harken pulleys to seamlessly pass trolley rope from bow to stern without the standard rubbing of rope along slightly less smooth pad eyes. The mounted pulleys are raised off of the boat enough to eliminate any unnecessary rubbing or scratching of the boat. 

As always, this complete kit comes with all stainless steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from YakGear. Waterproof silicone and anchors are recommended but not included.


  • Deluxe anchor trolley system with Harken pulleys
  • It allows the bow of your vessel to turn into the current for a smoother experience
  • A mini zig-zag cleat is included, assisting in maintaining stable positioning
  • Installation instructions and hardware are included
  • The kit also includes 30 ft. of rope
  • 1-year warranty