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YakGear Paddle Keeper Kit


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Paddle Keeper Kit

Add or replace paddle holders with the YakGear Paddle Keeper Kit. While there are many ways to mount and store paddles on kayaks and canoes, bungee paddle keepers are by far the most versatile. A 1/4-inch bungee is mounted with terminal ends and a J-hook to form a pressure-based bungee clamp for paddles, fishing poles, and anchor sticks. This kit comes with two paddle keepers, so the versatility and practicality of the product will not be limited to one side of the kayak or canoe.

As always, this complete kit comes with all stainless-steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from YakGear. Waterproof silicone is recommended but not included.


  • Paddle keepers can be used to store an assortment of items
  • Made of 1/4-in. nylon bungee, it attaches to a vessel using terminal ends and sleeves
  • Each kit comes with two paddle keepers
  • Installation instructions and hardware are included
  • 1-year warranty