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YakGear StandnCast Kayak & Canoe Outriggers


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StandnCast Kayak & Canoe Outriggers

YakGear outriggers help users feel safe and secure in a kayak or canoe by utilizing the stabilizing effects of the redesigned floats. Whether users are standing to sight cast at fish, traversing through choppy waters, or paddling with the kids, the YakGear Outrigger system provides a more comfortable paddling experience.

The outriggers are attached by using a RAILBLAZA StarPort HD base mounted to the boat. The outriggers can be removed at any time, making the watercraft easy to transport, leaving only the RAILBLAZA base. The adjustable outrigger arms can be raised independently if users are getting close to a dock or other obstruction. Installation placement of the outriggers may be mounted in the front or rear of the watercraft.

The included floats have pre-installed threading (1/4″ x 20 brass insert) to mount a RAILBLAZA StarPort HD (included) directly to the float, which is used to connect to the outrigger arms. 


  • Comes with 2 outriggers, meaning one for each side of the boat
  • Outriggers provide added stability to any vessel
  • Adjustable outrigger arms are 30 in. long and connect to the boat with a RAILBLAZA StarPort HD (included)
  • Installation instructions and hardware are included for kayak mounting
  • Not intended for use in surf conditions
  • 1-year warranty

*Kayak and canoe are not included