Ohio Sales Tax Rate is 6.75% - See our Sales Tax Policy** regarding 0% tax rates in other states.

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PHD Tackle Policies & Information

Sales Tax Policy

Revised:  March 15, 2024


Union Creek Outdoors, LLC (“UCO,” “us” or “we”) doing business as PHD Tackle (“Company,” “our”) is committed to compliance with all state tax laws and regulations. This Sales Tax Policy outlines our approach to collecting sales tax on transactions involving its sales. This policy applies to all sales transactions processed by the PHD Tackle.


General Policy

PHD Tackle is registered to collect sales tax in the state of Ohio. As per the current tax laws and regulations, the Company is required to collect and remit sales tax for all taxable sales of goods and services made within the state.


Tuscarawas County, Ohio Sales Tax Rate

For all sales made within Ohio we collect sales tax at the rate of 6.75% for Tuscarawas County where the online sale takes place. This rate includes both the state and any local sales tax applicable to Tuscarawas County.


Sales Outside of Ohio

PHD Tackle does not have a physical presence, also known as nexus, in states outside of Ohio. Furthermore, PHD Tackle does not exceed sales thresholds established by other states that would require the collection of sales tax on sales made to customers in those states. Consequently, PHD Tackle will not collect sales tax on sales made to customers outside of Ohio.


States without Sales Tax

Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have a state sales tax therefore PHD Tackle does not collect sales tax in these jurisdictions regardless of the sales volume. If you are mistakenly charged sales tax in these states, contact us as soon as possible by email at and we will provide a refund for that amount.


Nexus and Sales Quotas

We continuously monitor our sales activities and nexus status in all states. Should PHD Tackle establish a nexus in any state outside of Ohio or exceed any state’s sales quotas requiring the collection of sales tax, we will promptly update this policy and begin collecting sales tax in accordance with the laws of that state.


Tax-Exempt Sales

Customers who are exempt from sales tax due to their nonprofit status or for reselling purposes must provide PHD Tackle with a valid tax exemption certificate for your state. Upon verification, sales to these customers will not be taxed. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide and maintain current exemption documentation.


Documentation and Record Keeping

PHD Tackle will maintain accurate records of all sales transactions, including the amount of sales tax collected and remitted to the state of Ohio. These records will be retained for a minimum period as required by law.


Changes to Sales Tax Rates

Sales tax rates are subject to change. PHD Tackle will adjust the sales tax rate it collects in accordance with changes to Ohio law or the tax rates applicable in Tuscarawas County.


Compliance and Enforcement

This policy is strictly enforced. Employees responsible for processing sales transactions are required to follow this policy diligently. Training will be provided to ensure compliance.


Customer Inquiries

Customers with questions about the sales tax policy or the amount of sales tax charged on a purchase may contact PHD Tackle Customer Service for assistance by email at .


Policy Updates

This policy may be updated or amended at any time without notice to reflect our compliance with changes in tax laws or business operations.


PHD Tackle is committed to adhering to all tax laws and regulations. This policy is designed to ensure the lawful collection and remittance of sales tax while providing transparency to our customers and compliance with tax authorities. For additional information or questions regarding this policy, please contact PHD Tackle Customer Service.