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PHD Tackle Sponsorship Opportunities

PHD Tackle Seeks Self-Motivated Anglers

Are you a self-motivated angler working to advance in the fishing industry? Whether you are a tournament angler or an enthusiast with a social media presence, PHD Tackle is looking for you! We want to partner with people who can represent our brand in a positive manner while driving sales.

The path to sponsorship starts with your success in our Affiliate Program. Sign up and show us what you can do! Anglers who have what it takes can earn limited or full sponsorship with PHD Tackle and proudly be marketed as part of our Pro Staff like 2010 Bassmaster Classic Angler Jody Adkins.

Adkins 2010

Success in our Affiliate Program does not guarantee a sponsorship, however you will still earn commissions on each sale attributed to your affiliate account.

Now let us share a word of reality to young anglers looking for sponsorships. In all reality, companies do not hand out $50,000 checks to people without national success in BASS or MLF. Even guys who have won on BASS and MLF are constantly networking and proving themselves worthy of sponsorship dollars. Do yourself a favor and build a record of success that you can put on a resume and have smaller sponsors be a reference of your hard work. That will carry weight. If hard work is not in your DNA, reevaluate your choice in career paths because companies do not want to work with lazy people who have no work ethic. We want you to be successful but you have to be willing to put in the hard work.

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